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  • How to calculate support needs per hour/day of the week?

    6th February 2020 by

    The problem. We need to understand how many support chats we are getting to calculate coverage needs (agents to assign). The scheme is simple. We provided livechat and when all our reps were busy, we created a ticket out of the user request/question. And this ticket was answered by email in lower cadence moments or… Read more

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  • How to find and act on unanswered support chats.

    28th January 2020 by

    The problem. Being sure we deal with any user’s problem: what about unanswered support chats. Our division directions included to be able to analyze all the information we have in user’s comments. We found 2 main bags of comments that weren’t analyzed, or at least not always. Support feedbacks that sometimes contain direct unanswered questions.… Read more

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